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PART 3: Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Calls to Administrative Leadership

Chapter 13 Yesterday and Today: Universities and the Growth of the Market Model
Howard Woodhouse, Higher Education Theorist and Policy Analyst, University of Saskatchewan

Chapter 14 A Postcard from the Belly of the Beast
Janice Ristock, Women's and Gender Studies Scholar, University of Manitoba

Chapter 15 How Can One Be Persian in the Canadian Academy?
Nasrin Rahimieh, Humanist, McMaster University/University of California at Irvine

Chapter 16 The Paradoxes of Academic Administration
Mary Ellen Purkis, Nurse and Social Practice Theorist, University of Victoria

PART 4: Making Space: Calls to Open Paths

Chapter 17 Academic Activism and Nomadic Paths
Jamie Magnusson, Critical Theorist, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education/University of Toronto

Chapter 18 Transforming the University from an Aboriginal Perspective
Jo-ann Archibald, Q'um Q'um Xiiem, University of British Columbia

Chapter 19 Engaging Race, Anti-racism, and Equity Issues in the Academy: A Personal Odyssey
George J. Sefa Dei, Social Anthropologist and Sociologist, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education/University of Toronto

Chapter 20 Feminists in Academe: From Outsiders to Insiders?
Joan Sangster, Historian, Trent University

Chapter 21 An Ode to Wisdom: Got, Don't Got, Borrowed, and Sought
Elizabeth (Bessa) Whitmore, Social Work Educator, Carleton University

Chapter 22 The University and Its Political Economy: An Academic Callings Interview
Joel Bakan, Legal Scholar, University of British Columbia

PART 5: Re/generating Publics: Calls to Collectivity

Chapter 23 Exploits in the Undercommons
Alison Hearn, Communications and Media Scholar, University of Western Ontario

Chapter 24 Academic Freedom, Institutional Autonomy, and the Co-operative University
Len Findlay, English Scholar, University of Saskatchewan

Chapter 25 The University Public And Its Enemies
Frank Cunningham, Philosopher, University of Toronto

Chapter 26 Reflections on Teaching and Learning
Margaret-Ann Armour, Chemist and Science Educator, University of Alberta

Chapter 27 Offside: Playing Hockey at the University of Saskatchewan
Glenis Joyce, Adult Educator, and Liz Quinlan, Sociologist, University of Saskatchewan

Chapter 28 Making the University Work for Communities
Barbara Neis, Sociologist, Memorial University of Newfoundland Chapter 29

Chapter 29 Recovering the University as a Collective Project
Janice Newson, Sociologist, York University

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