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Introduction: Academic Callings and the Past, Present, and Future
of the Canadian University Janice Newson and Claire Polster

PART 1: Against All Reason: Wake-up Calls

Chapter 1 Are We Losing Our Minds? Unreason in Canadian Universities Today
Claire Polster, Sociologist, University of Regina

Chapter 2 Beyond Market Self-Serving: Recovering the Academy's Vocation
John McMurtry, Philosopher, University of Guelph

Chapter 3 The Risk of Critique: Voices across the Generations
Barbara Godard, English Scholar and Humanist, York University

Chapter 4 We Are Saying Too Much ... and Not Enough
Karen Rudie, Electrical Engineer and Applied Mathematician, Queen's University

Chapter 5 Unfinished Sonatina
Arthur Forer, Biologist, York University

Chapter 6 Idea and Reality: The University or the Universities
John P. Valleau, Chemist, and Paul Adonis Hamel, Biomedical Scientist, University of Toronto

PART 2: Taking Stock of Personal and Institutional Histories: Calls to Account

Chapter 7 A Brief Memoir from the Trenches
Andrew Wernick, Cultural Theorist, Trent University

Chapter 8 A Career against the Grain: An Academic Callings Interview
Dorothy Smith, Sociologist, University of Victoria

Chapter 9 Living through Revolutionary and Reactionary Times-in the Wrong Order
Roberta Hamilton, Sociologist, Queen's University

Chapter 10 Force without Reason
Gordon Shrimpton, Classicist, University of Victoria

Chapter 11 Two Hours Left and Nothing to Say
Bruce Curtis, Sociologist, Carleton University

Chapter 12 From the Personal to the Political: Some Reflections and Hopes.
Jennie Hornosty, Sociologist, University of New Brunswick

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