Social Order and Social Organisation
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Social Order and Social Organisation

Sociology 2070 6.0 Section A



Professor Janice Newson, Course Director
Department of Sociology,
Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies
2153 Vari Hall
736-2100 ext. 22291

This course focuses on the processes by which social life becomes ordered and organized. We explore sociologists' assumptions about the social actor, the relation between the social actor and the collective, the role of social interaction in creating, maintaining, and changing social order and social organization, and the role of context in shaping social interaction. We examine the concepts, methodologies, analytic devices, and theories that sociologists use to develop accounts of specific forms of social order and social organization. We will especially focus on the interpretive grounding of social action and the negotiated character of social order and social organization in everyday life. Throughout the course, we will consider how sociology offers an intellectual foundation for understanding the social processes through which social order and social organization come into being and persist over time, as well as for critiquing and changing them.

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