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For most of my life, I have felt a sense of responsibility for the quality and character of public life. Perhaps for this reason, sociology appealed to me, not only as a way of understanding social reality but also as a way of changing it. I am fascinated with the way social and cultural processes constitute our shared realities and interact with our sense of ourselves as human beings. But I also believe that there is a spiritual context to our endeavours-that who we are socially and culturally does not encompass the fullness of our beings nor provide a complete account of our human journeys. My research and writing-both what I write about and how I write about it-is strongly influenced by these perspectives.

My published writing has been largely shaped by my professional life in the university, especially the works that analyse and critique the development of "The Corporate-linked University" . However, now that I have officially retired from my full-time academic position, I plan to expand my writing to encompass other concerns and some of this work will be posted on this site.

See the pages on my latest published project,

Academic Callings:
The University We Have Had,
Now Have, and Could Have,

which is undertaken with my friend and colleague,
Claire Polster of the University of Regina.

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